Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment

Essentially, our skin is made up of millions of cells that protect us from any harm in our environment and regulate the temperature of our body. However, thousands of those cells die, peel off, and are restored by new cells from beneath the skin every day. And, as we grow and age, the process involves in such growth begins to slow down leading to dullness in our skin that dark blotches, fine lines, and other signs of sun damage as well as ageing start to appear. For this fact, certain techniques for improving the skin condition come out bearing some promises to resurface and smooth the skin.

Speaking of techniques, it is very interesting to know that microdermabrasion acne treatment is now available. In the first place, microdermabrasion acne treatment is a relatively new technique to resurface and smooth the skin. Microdermabrasion acne treatment has actually two phases of application. In the first phase of the microdermabrasion acne treatment, it basically employs a standard where the machine is used as a cleansing instruments employing similar standard to that of the vacuum cleaner so to clean the skin and then empty out the blocked skin pores in a tender vacuuming manner. Many experts have maintained that microdermabrasion acne treatment is quite comfy and be done with the absence of anesthesia. It is worth noting that when the microdermabrasion acne treatment is done, the skin has a red healthy glow perhaps due to the augmented flow in the skin. This augmented circulation in the skin observed after the microdermabrasion acne treatment is noted to bring with it nutrients and oxygen that will soothe and regenerate the skin, leading to its great improvement.

In the second chapter of the microdermabrasion acne treatment, a fine jet of aluminum oxide crystals is sprayed on the skin. According to the proponents of this acne treatment technique, this way has a great impact of tenderly smoothing the shell of the skin and removing the outer layer of the dead skin cells. With repeated microdermabrasion acne treatments, this will lead to the permanent smoothing of skin surface irregularities, which is then so great.

The microdermabrasion acne treatment is now highly used by some medical centers to treat acne and its scars. Accordingly, there are no certain contraindications to microdermabrasion acne treatment except the current use of the drug Ro-accutane. It is deemed necessarily for great results that there would be multiple microdermabrasion acne treatments over a period of time. It is in fact noted that most cases need about ten treatments, while acute acne scars may require more.

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